The Message of Nazir Noor Regarding Pakistan’s missile attacks on Saravan

In the video below, Nazir Noor (Secretary and Head of BNM’s HR Department, Paank) explains the tragedy of Sham-e-sar, Haqabad after Pakistan bombed on the Saravan, Sistan & Balochistan. In his own words:

“Hello everyone, I’m Nazir Noor, the human rights secretary of Baloch National Movement and head of the Paank, Human rights Department of Baloch National Movement.”

“As you may have heard that on January 18, 2024, Pakistan conducted a series of deadly missile and drone attacks on the residences of Baloch civilians in Haqabad, Sham-e-sar, area Saravan, Sistan and Balochistan.”

“These strikes resulted in the tragic loss of the entire family of Baloch political worker belonging to Baloch National Movement, Dost Mahmood. In this in humane terror attack, his wife Shazia and three children Hani, Babar and three-month-old Chirag Dost were killed. In the same attack, on civilians family of Banuk Najuma with her two nieces, Mahikan, Mahzaib and Nephew Farhad were also killed.”

“Subsequently, Pakistani officials released a statement asserting that their forces had executed a series of planned targeted military strikes on Baloch militants. However, it proved to be a baseless and false claim given the facts and evidence on the ground.”

“We have witnessed the victims were unarmed civilians, women and children. This incident stands as a reprehensible act of state aggression against Baloch people.”

“Pakistan’s forces are committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Balochistan with utter impunity.”

“Baloch political parties and human rights activists have been constantly raising their voices and concerns about the state atrocities in Balochistan. Let’s raise your voices against injustice, state aggressions and violence. Let’s support the cause of equality and human dignity.”

“Once again, I request to the civilized community and HR bodies to pay attention to the ongoing Baloch genocide by Pakistani forces. Thank you”