September 2023 Report [English]

An overview of human rights situation in month of September 2023

In September 2023, the human rights situation had several significant issues in Balochistan

September’s Forced Disappearances

During September, the Pakistani military continued its human rights violations by carrying out forced disappearances across various regions of Balochistan. Pakistani forces took 75 individuals into illegal and extrajudicial custody.

Release of Individuals from Military Torture Cells

In September and preceding months, 16 individuals who had been victims of forced disappearances at the hands of the Pakistani military were successfully released and reunited with their families.

Fake Encounters

In September, the Pakistani military also staged fake encounters, falsely claiming that 10 Baloch individuals were killed in encounters. However, among the killed people 7 have been identified, they were already victims of forced disappearances by the military.

Atrocities During Military Operations in Dera Bugti

The district of Dera Bugti in Balochistan witnessed severe effects of military operations during September. These operations not only caused harm to the livelihoods of local residents and their livestock but also led to the forced disappearance of 32 individuals associated with various social strata in the areas targeted by search operations.

Dr Naseem Baloch’s Advocacy at the UN Session

Dr Naseem Baloch, the Chairman of the Baloch National Movement, highlighted human rights violations in Balochistan during the 54th session of the United Nations. He urged immediate attention to the grave human rights abuses committed by the Pakistani military in Balochistan

Suicide Bombing at a Religious Gathering in Mastung

On September 29, a suicide bombing occurred at a religious gathering in Mastung, Balochistan, resulting in several casualties. Such incidents have occurred previously in Balochistan but had political motivations. However, the current challenge is the rise of religious extremism in Baloch society, which is being fuelled, in part, by the Pakistani state. Pakistan has been instrumental in creating and sustaining extremist groups like ISIS in various parts of Balochistan, making it a serious concern.

In summary, the human rights situation in Balochistan during September 2023 was marked by forced disappearances, torture, fake encounters, military operations, and rising religious extremism, with a need for international attention and action to address these issues.

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