Report on Tragic Pakistani Air Force Bombardment in Sham-E-Sar, Haqabad Balochistan

In a devastating incident, Ali Dost son of Mehmood, aka Chairman Dosta or Dosta Mehmood his entire family fell victim to a Pakistan Army airstrike in Sistan, Balochistan, Iran. The casualties included his son Chirag Baloch ( 3 months old), son Babar Baloch (5 years old) and daughter Hani Dost ( 7 years old), along with their mother Shazia Baloch. Additionally, Najuma Baloch, including two daughters of Asghar Baloch named Mahikan (7 years old) and Mahzaib, (4 Years old) and a nephew Farhad (17 Years old) were martyred in the missile attack.

The tragic event unfolded as Dosta Mehmood and his family, compelled by Pakistan’s military barbarism, had migrated from his native Village Parom of Eastern Balochistan on October 9, 2015. This heartbreaking incident follows a series of unfortunate events, including the killing of Dosta’s brother-in-law, Sarfraz, by the Pakistan Army in 2015 in Panjgur, Balochistan.

Further, Dosta’s brother, Tariq, became a victim of enforced disappearance by the Pakistan Army in 2013, subjected to torture, and released in January 2015 from Parom. Numerous instances of house raids and looting by the Pakistan Army compounded the family’s hardships.
Dost Mohammad, Dosta’s brother-in-law abducted and disappeared by Pakistani army at Karachi International Airport on 12th of February 2012, is still missing. 

Najuma Baloch, who migrated from Tasp, Panjgur area of Balochistan on March 9, 2017, due to the military’s brutality, experienced the loss of her uncle, Mohammad Younus, killed by the Pakistan Army in 2011. The family faced repeated house raids and looting, and their several relatives became victims of enforced disappearances. Najuma’s brother, M. Anwar, disappeared in 2013 from Panjgur, enduring torture before being released in 2016. In 2017, her brotherá Shah Dad faced a similar fate for a month. Najuma’s cousin Saif Baloch son of Martyr Younus Baloch was also forcibly disappeared on 12th January 2019, tortured and released on 11th September 2023.
This tragic event underscores the toll of Pakistan’s military actions on innocent lives, demanding international attention and condemnation. The Baloch nation’s suffering calls for justice and an end to the cycle of violence in the region.

Background of Migration from Balochistan

The Baloch people, faced with the repercussions of Pakistan’s military actions, have been compelled to migrate in search of safety and security.

Reasons for Migration: Pakistan’s Military Actions

Escaping the brutality of Pakistan’s military, families like Dosta Mehmood’s and Najuma Baloch’s have witnessed tragic incidents leading to forced migration.

Dosta’s Story

Migration Date: 9th Oct 2015

Dosta Muhammad, seeking refugee, migrated with his family in 2015 due to the escalating military aggression in Eastern Balochistan.

Incidents Involving Family Members

Brother-in-law’s Killing by Pakistan Army

Sarfraz, Dosta’s brother-in-law, fell victim to a fatal encounter with the Pakistan Army in 2015.
Brother’s enforced Disappearance and Release After torture Dosta’s brother, Tariq, faced enforced disappearance in 2013, enduring torture before being released in January 2015.

Raiding and looting of their houses

Pakistan Army subjected Dosta’s family to raids and looting, leaving them in a state of vulnerability.

Najuma’s Story

Migration Date: March 9, 2017

Najuma Baloch, in response to Pakistan’s military aggression, migrated in March 2017, seeking safety for her family.

Incidents involving family members

Najuma’s uncle, Mohammad Younus, was murdered and martyred in 2011, becoming another target of Pakistan Army’s aggression.

Raiding and looting of their houses

Najuma’s family faced the invasive actions of the military through raids and looting, intensifying their plight.

Relatives’ enforced disappearances

Slseveral relatives, including Najuma’s brother M. Anwar, experienced enforced disappearances, adding to the family’s distress.

Brother’s enforced disappearance and release after torture

Najuma’s brother, M. Anwar, underwent enforced disappearance in 2013, enduring torture before being released in 2016.

Another brother’s enforced disappearance for a month

In 2017, yet another brother, Shah Dad, was subjected to enforced disappearance, heightening the family’s anguish for a month.


Impact of Military Actions on Families

The relentless military actions have left a lasting impact on families like Dosta Muhammad’s and Najma Baloch’s, shattering the fabric of their lives.

Emotional and Psychological Toll

The emotional and psychological toll on these families, witnessing loss, disappearance, and persecution, is immeasurable.

Call for Attention and Support

This distressing situation warrants urgent attention from the international community, and support for the affected families in their pursuit of justice and safety. The narrative reflects the dire need for human rights advocacy and intervention, mirroring the principles upheld by organizations such as united nations.