Balochistan Human Rights Situation Monthly Report of January 2024 [English]

In the January human rights review, notable issues encompass:

  1. Aerial Bombing on Baloch Migrants
  2. Enforced Disappearances
  3. Extrajudicial Killings

Aerial Bombing on Baloch Migrants in Iran under Pakistan Air Force Supervision

On January 18, 2024, at 4 AM, the Pakistani Air Force carried out an aerial attack on the homes of Baloch refugees situated in Sham-Sar, near the Iran-Balochistan border. This attack resulted in the tragic deaths of Ali Dost, a member of the Baloch National Movement, along with his wife and three children. Another family, including Najma Bibi and her three nephews, was also killed. These all were compelled to depart from their native town and seek refuge due to the continuing violence perpetrated by Pakistani forces. The described situation evokes serious concerns regarding the human rights and security of civilians in Balochistan. The inhuman practices of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings persist, while attacks on refugees continue to emerge as alarming patterns in the region.

Enforced Disappearances

At the beginning of the New Year, Pakistani forces intensified the persisting issues of forced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, and arrests. In January, 39 cases of forced disappearances were reported across various regions of Balochistan. The district of Kech experienced a notable surge, documenting 19 cases of enforced disappearances. Furthermore, 28 individuals, previously subjected to forced disappearances, were released from confinement in torture cells.

Extrajudicial Killings

In January 2024, human rights in Balochistan faced a distressing setback, marked by the extrajudicial killings of 11 individuals.

Enforced Disappearances by Pakistani Forces

  • Torture victims | 28
  • Extrajudicial killings | 11
  • Enforced disappearances | 39

Districts and areas from where Enforced disappearances are reported

  • Kech |19
  • Gwadar | 2
  • Awaran | 2
  • Nasirabad | 1
  • Kachi | 2
  • Kharan | 2
  • Dera Bugti | 9
  • Quetta | 2
  • Total Cases | 39

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